One Good, One Bad: Movies Starring Bill Murray

Hi, friends. Ghostbusters is one of the most iconic films of the twentieth century, and Bill Murray was excellent along with his co-stars in the movie. Aside from Ghostbusters, Murray has had several successes in his career. This post details two of his other films; though they are both well-received by critics, I only enjoyed one of them.

Movies Starring Bill Murray

One Good

What About Bob? tells the story of a psychiatry patient, Bob, who becomes obsessed with his doctor; despite an eerie premise, the movie is funny because the doctor continuously gets angry with Bob while his family starts to like Bob. Bob is more quirky than creepy. This is my boyfriend’s favorite movie for good reason.

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 83%

One Bad

Whether we’re discussing paintings, poetry, or films, I’m usually dismissive of modernist, avant-garde art. I guess I just “don’t get it.” I barely remember the plot of Broken Flowers because it’s so boring, but my boyfriend says that Murray’s character goes on a journey to visit all of his ex-lovers. Murray was blasé, the storyline was blasé, everything was blasé. The minimalist aesthetic, particularly in this film, doesn’t appeal to me.

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 87%

Thanks for reading! Agree or disagree? Do you have a favorite Murray film?


12 responses to “One Good, One Bad: Movies Starring Bill Murray”

  1. BEST from Murray: Stripes, Meatballs Tw of the best. Some say CaddyShack. I think it’s okay but not all hat good. Where the Buffalo roam is also rather boring. One at the near top is: GroundHog Day. I loved that and have watched it about four times. It was hard to get into, but eventually, it bit me.and I fell for it

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    1. Nice! I’ll definitely have to watch those. 🙂

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    2. Groundhog Day is a great one too!

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  2. Zombieland or Lost in Translation 🙂

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    1. Sweet! Several votes for Lost In Translation 🙂


  3. I haven’t watched many films by Bill Murray, not even Ghostbusters (I know I was around while my dad watched it some time when I was little but I couldn’t be bothered at that age). But I think he’s great in Lost in Translation. I might be a bit biased in here as Lost in Translation is one of my favourite films and I like everything about it 🙂

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    1. Awesome! Several people are recommending Lost In Translation. 🙂 You should watch Ghostbusters! I only first watched it this year, though. 😋

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  4. Lost in Translation is great, but What about Bob is awesome. I haven’t ever seen all of Caddyshack or Stripes, but they are iconic so I really probably should.

    Loved the 1 Good 1 Bad post idea! Very cool!

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    1. A lot of votes for Lost In Translation! I’m definitely watching that one soon. 😀 I still need to watch those others, too. Thanks for the support! ❤


  5. I love Bill Murray. I memorized Stripes just before entering the Army. It got me in trouble a few times. 🤭 I also enjoy What About Bob?, Meatballs, Groundhog Day, and St. Vincent. The latter also stars Melissa McCarthy. (I love her, too.) 💜😂

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    1. Ooh, considering your comment about Stripes with other people mentioning it, I’m gonna watch that one soon! I’m realizing I have a lot more Murray films to watch. ☺❤

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  6. I love “What About Bob?”




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