Annual Midwest Road Trip 2018

Hi, friends. For the last week and a half, my family has been driving around the midwest US on our annual vacation. Unfortunately, my mom didn’t accompany us, but my dad, my brother, my boyfriend, and I have had a great time.

My family has taken this trip in early summer for several years now.

My dad was born and raised in Arkansas, so we visit some of his relatives and drive up to Mountain View in the Ozarks. Since he grew up in the 1960’s listening to Cardinals baseball games on the radio, we also go to a couple Cardinals games in St. Louis, Missouri. Lastly, we stay in Tunica, Mississippi and go to the movies. In St. Louis and Tunica, we stay in casinos with nice pools. I’ll play video poker once or twice on the trips, but I don’t have much money to throw away, hehe.

Here are some pictures from our trip!

The Cardinals lost both games we watched against the Padres. Since I need accessible seating, we always sit in the same section and visit with Mike, whose worked there for twenty summers.
My Boyfriend: *looking up movie trivia* Me: Can you stop for a sec so we can take a pic?
Double Waterfall at Blanchard Springs; my brother went exploring inside the cave and came out soaked in cold water and caked in mud.
Creek at Blanchard Springs; the Lord’s creations are inexpressibly astounding.
Gorgeous photo op! And yes–I am “lily white.”
Serene pond area by the pool with koi fish and baby ducklings
Me: Since we don’t have any pics all together, can I take one of you two? …… Okay, smile! My Brother: *makes the most disinterested facial expression possible*

I listen to a lot of Southern gospel and hymns with a few contemporary artists included. While on the road, I discovered some contemporary worship songs I’ve kept on repeat. The last group, Anthem Lights, makes gorgeous a capella medley covers of hymns. Here are some of my favorites.

We also watched Incredibles 2. My boyfriend said, “The first one set the bar really high, but this was still worth the fourteen year wait.” Agreed!

Thanks for reading! Does your family have an annual vacation? Have you seen Incredibles 2? What’s your favorite worship song right now?


10 responses to “Annual Midwest Road Trip 2018”

  1. I miss you ! When the family is gone, you would think i had more ‘FREE’ time. But alas, I just work more. 🙂

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    1. Miss you too! We are on the way 😁

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  2. Fun! I want to see incredibles 2 😊

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    1. Definitely worth seeing in the theater!!

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  3. The Cards played the ‘Bears’! Did you mean the ‘Cubs’? Your annual trip is a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thanks for reading! It was actually the Padres. Oops!

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      1. As I tell my wife when I confuse a name, or fact, …. ‘same thing’. 😂

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  4. Glad you enjoyed your trip, even more glad my Cubs won the first 2 games and that series in St. Louis. #FlyTheW

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    1. It was actually the Padres, haha. Congrats, though! The Cards aren’t too hot this year.

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  5. Fun! And you were in my home state! Tunica is several hours away for me, but hey, still cool!

    We don’t take an annual vaca and have never gone off, all 3 of us (hubby, daughter and I) for an extended trip beyond a weekend. When we do, however, it will be EPIC – hoping to make a first time trip for all of us to Universal Studios sometime in the next year or so.

    Loved the pics and hearing about your adventures. I haven’t seen the new Incredibles movie, but if my child hasn’t seen it when she gets back from her dad’s next week, it’s on my to-do list.

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