Tips on (Color) Branding: Why You Should & How to Do It

Tips on (Color) Branding: Why You Should & How to Do It

Hi, friends. For several months now, I have customized most of the featured images on my blog posts. I hope you have started recognizing my colors of light pink and medium purple when you see them. Today, I want to talk about (color) branding–why you should do it and how to do it!

Why to (Color) Brand

Anyone involved with marketing will agree that branding is important. I keep putting “color” in parentheses because a quick Google search reveals that the term “branding” refers to the whole ethos of a company, whereas I am just speaking about logos and color choices.

Logos and color combinations become embedded in a person’s subconscious when they see them often, and people start making lightning-fast mental associations when they see those logos or color combinations.

Our minds instantly begin racing with thoughts when we see these famous logos, but colors are essential to our recognition of the logos.

What if the background of the McDonald’s picture was orange instead of red? What if we switched the blues in the Twitter and Facebook logos, making the Facebook logo baby blue and making the Twitter logo medium blue? They would look wrong because our brains have memorized the exact colors of the logos.

We can and should brand our blogs (or Instagram accounts or YouTube channels or any promotional platforms) so they come to form a recognizable identity. Ideally, people will see your featured image in the WordPress reader, Facebook timeline, etc. and think of you before even glimpsing the title. If they’ve had positive interactions with you and/or enjoyed your blog posts, they may feel urged to click as soon as their brain recognizes your branding–both on a conscious level and a subconscious level.

(Color) Branding Tips

Choosing Colors

Different colors elicit different feelings, and you may want to look into the vibe of different colors to decide which ones fit your brand. I’ll be blatantly honest and admit that I picked my colors simply because I liked them. I think they fit me anyways, though. According to this article on the meanings of colors, pink evokes “love, femininity, and tranquility” while purple evokes “spirituality, reflection, and self-awareness.” Seems fitting for my blog!

Here are some tips about colors–

  • pick 2-3 colors for your brand (if you pick 4 colors or more, your color branding may become muddled)
  • use at least one light color and one dark color so you have some flexibility with color combinations on promotional materials (see example photos below)
  • write down the color codes so you always use the EXACT same colors (this is key! I have mine memorized like a weirdo)
  • avoid copying the color branding of others (there are countless shades of colors available, so be original!)
  • use caution with strong colors (I love pink, but I know that some people hate it, so I use a light pink rather than a loud Barbie pink)

Creating Images

After choosing the colors of your brand, the next step is to start creating promotional materials. Here are some resources for doing so–

Perhaps I will read more into branding as a larger concept and write more about that, and I will probably make posts in the future with tips and tricks about Canva and about customizing your blog theme to use your color branding. For now, here are some quick tips to get started in giving your brand an identity through colors.

Thanks for reading! Do you use color branding? If so, why did you choose your colors, and if not, why not? Let me know in the comments.

36 responses to “Tips on (Color) Branding: Why You Should & How to Do It”

  1. That’s an excellent idea. When I started blogging I was really good about branding, but when I stopped my design subscription, I wasn’t able to alter my logo or anything else! I need to get back in the groove!

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  2. Though i do not have a blog, your tips can also apply to other forms of marketing. From business cards and letterhead to making flyers and even designing a storefront window, your ideas are helping me to create ‘brand awareness’ and continuity. Thanks!

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      • Thanks Lily! I love the idea of a logo but I just don’t know how to execute it. It terms of branding though, it would be helpful to have a logo. Maybe I can re-visit the logo idea.

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      • Correct me if I am misunderstanding, but if you are saying that you aren’t sure how to make a logo, go to Canva and click the option for making a logo. You can use a template and change up colors and fonts and what not to personalize it, or you can start with a blank canvas and use some shapes and/or graphics to come up with something cool (I think both shapes and graphics are under “elements”). In line with this post, I do recommend jotting down the color codes if you decide to make a logo. 🙂

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      • I have played around on Canva, and that is a great suggestion to write down fonts and color codes. I just felt like my result was lacking.

        I’ve considered paying someone on Upwork or a for hire service. Let a pro do it…but then $ gets involved.


  3. Another great post, Lils. Of course, the ultimate in proper branding would be to be consistent across WordPress, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc, etc, but are there really enough hours in the day?!

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    • Thanks, Steven! I definitely relate to that struggle. I could do a lot more with Instagram by making IG-sixed posts on Canva and utilizing hashtags, but I haven’t wanted to carve out the time. Same with Pinterest. Maybe I will get on the ball with those someday.

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  4. Very helpful. I use canvas for my girls organisation but I am yet to brand Grace Over Pain. I thought of doing it in the past by then I felt it wasn’t necessary. After reading this I now believe I was wrong and I certainly will be visiting this post soon when I start branding my blog. Thanks for the tips sis.

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  5. Very nice. I am not fancy with my blog, but I did find on posts I do daily, like my Just a Thought, that once I picked a stock photo to use each time, that I seemed to get more views. I used to use the scripture as the feature image, but now I use the same photo and put the scripture in the post only. Seems to help.

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  6. Great tips, Lily!
    This is not the first time I’m hearing about colour branding. I haven’t gotten into it yet because the colours I like are different from my theme’s primary colour. And I don’t want to use another theme that matches my choice colours because my current theme meets all of my needs.
    See, this is one of the perks of being limited to only free themes. If only one could edit his theme even when he’s using the free plan, life would be sweet.

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    • Thank you! So when you go to customize your theme, does the option “Colors & Background” not pop up under “Site Identity?” I have made a couple websites with the $4 a month subscription and was able to adjust colors, but I haven’t worked with a free subscription for a bit.

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      • It does. It pops us.
        But when I pick a background colour, it only affects the sides of my blog’s pages. If you check my blog, you’ll see that its left and right sides are a shade of pink. Whereas the theme is blue (or cyan).
        I can’t change that blue colour. 😔


  7. Definitely an important thing that many forget about.
    I think I have coloring, but I don’t really use it. I preset it a while ago, because it looked good on the site (I wanted something other than white, but not anything dark that would make people strain their eyes while reading.). I’m not sure if it’s something I like at this point in time. I’m not sure that it matches my content. More and more I wonder about changing my theme (I like the one I have, but I think the loading time is slow, making my SEO score not so great), but last time I checked there was none that fit my criteria. This time around I will also take a look at the paid ones. Maybe I’ll find something there. And if I do change my theme, I do plan on playing with my colors more. And I have always wanted a logo, but that hasn’t happened yet, either.
    Thanks for nudging me into the right direction.

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  8. As always you provide amazing and fascinating material! I don’t know why I haven’t thought about this, but you’re so right! These things are important, and I totally do associate purple and pink with you. Thanks for taking the time to explain and show examples ❤

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