Self-Deprecating Memes: Relatable But Kind of Pitiful

Hi, friends. Today, I want to talk about a trend I’ve noticed lately with memes on social media.

I’ve noticed a particular type of meme cropping up more and more. With this sort of meme, the jokes are more self-deprecating and/or unashamed of not-so-great personality traits/habits. Here are some examples–

When I see these memes like these, I chuckle because of their relatability. Hey, how many of us are terrible procrastinators? Lol! How many of us feel accomplished for simply “adulting”? Ha! How many of us ladies are crazy jealous about our man? You said it, honey!

Once I’ve had my brief amusement, I’m left with a sour taste in my mouth. These memes are comical because they describe a lot of us, but the fact that many of us relate to these things is really kind of pitiful. Not being able to stick to goals, not being motivated or passionate about life, not being rational, whatever the case may be…though many of us experience these issues, I think we need to conquer them rather than celebrate them.

Some would say I’m reading too much into these memes–they are just meant to incite a laugh–nothing more, nothing less. I don’t want to come across as holier-than-thou; as I mentioned, I get a kick out of them, too. But I see the trend of the self-deprecating meme taking over. If I log on Facebook right now, at least half of the memes shared by my friends will fall under this umbrella. [All the examples above came from my FB friends.] I wonder if the mass saturation of the self-deprecating meme could satiate us into believing our short-comings aren’t short-comings after all, since everyone appears to share them.

I can, however, think of one positive aspect to these memes; at least if people know they don’t face their struggles alone, they can feel reassured that they aren’t failing at life. But we all have room for growth and self-improvement. I hope we don’t lose sight of that as we chuckle over our lack of drive, lack of ambition, lack of self-discipline, etc.

Are you insecure and jealous? Relatable…but let’s find healthy ways to address that. Are you a procrastinator? Relatable…but let’s work on time/task management. Are you tired of “adulting”? Relatable…but let’s figure out some life hacks to make it easier.

Thanks for reading! What’s your two cents? Let me know in the comments.


16 responses to “Self-Deprecating Memes: Relatable But Kind of Pitiful”

  1. Some of those made me chuckle 🙂 I’m not online much, so I don’t get to see them often. Humor is a good way to cope, to lighten things up, but like you mentioned ~ we can conquer (shortcomings) rather than celebrate them.

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  2. We British don’t take ourselves too seriously. That way, people laugh with you instead of at you, and if you laugh at yourself it kind of takes the point out of others doing it.
    Most British humour is (used to be…) based on laughing at what are seen as British mannerisms, customs, accents…. (These days I don’t find comedy films and TV as funny as it used to be. Maybe we’ve forgotten how to do it…)
    Nobody’s perfect. Owning up to our imperfections shows that at least we recognise them and might even overcome them one day. Everybody’s insecure. Those who hide it best come across as arrogant.

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    1. In the words of C.S. Lewis–“The English take their sense of humour deadly seriously.” [That was the gist, anyway.]

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  3. You’re right about this. I think these memes make me feel that we are possibly celebrating our vices, no? It seems lately like people tend to applaud personal weaknesses, and scoff at the pursuing of excellence….

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    1. “Scoff at the pursuing of excellence”–I like the way you phrased that, and I have noticed it, too!

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  4. I think the idea of humor is to call attention to things we say or do that shouldn’t seem normal. The best comedy makes you laugh because it’s relatable but then causes you to consider why it’s relatable.

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  5. Some things I used to find humourous, I no longer do. God has helped me be more sensitive to those things. It’s true, we all make mistakes, but when it’s a common struggle… maybe we should let that be an opportunity for prayer and giving it to Jesus. Sour taste is a good way to say it.

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  6. Hialrious! Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thanks for dropping by!


  7. oops, typo…I meant ‘hilarious’

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  8. This has been a pet peeve of mine. We are what we say, and what we post. It gives others the impression of complaining and not acting. That may not always be the case, but perception is reality.

    If we dont like something about our lives, we often have the power to change it. And if we dont, we have God!

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    1. All good points! Complaining rather than acting is a good way to phrase it.

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