Are We Stepping Stones Or Stumbling Blocks?

I wrote this a few months ago as a “stand by” post, and it seems fitting to share as we await final tallies of American state and federal elections. Many of us feel passionately about who and what we support. Calls for unity sometimes feel tone deaf when they gloss over what’s at stake. So please don’t misunderstand; I am not treating this flippantly. But bear in mind that plenty of societal strife existed in Bible times. In spite of it, our Lord iterates, “Blessed are the peacemakers.” We do not always reflect that instruction, gravitating to divise social media posts and harsh words spoken against the neighbors we are supposed to love.

Fear and hostility will increase as results come to light. In such a contentitious historical moment, I urge us to cling to faith and be a calm presence. The days I take time to pray and read scripture are my best ones. When I don’t check the news for an hour and instead concentrate on my spirituality, I’m reminded of beauty, hope, love, and mercy.

Will we condescendingly gloat if we’re happy with the outcomes? Will we bitterly lambast our opponents if we don’t get the results we want? Or could we try, with the Holy Spirit’s guidance, to show empathy and compassion, whether we’re ecstatic, devastated, or somewhere between? [It will benefit us to remember that God is still working things to the good, regardless of what happens.] We can be a stumbling block who antagonizes and brings the worst out of others…or we can be a stepping stone who eases tensions and puts people above politics.

Some people in the church are stumbling blocks who cause discord and discourage the furtherance of God’s kingdom, while others are stepping stones who build up the body of Christ. Which one are you? Which one am I?

Some people are nosey and gossip to and about others in the church. Others are petty and cling to real or perceived grievances. Still others are too caught up in a few trees to see the whole forest. Many have not actually allowed their hearts to be transformed and renewed; rather, belief in God is an arbitrary, compartmentalized tradition with no effect on their attitudes and actions.

It’s tragic that these people are spread all throughout churches of every denomination, but alas, the church is made up of human beings…broken, sinful human beings. Even those of us who try NOT to be stumbling blocks have our moments of being selfish, irrational, and quick to condemn. Even those who truly hunger and thirst for righteousness fall short of the glory of God.

For our churches to flourish–to bear fruit that makes disciples and transforms the world–we as individuals and altogether need to be stepping stones instead of stumbling blocks.

People who serve as stepping stones in the church actually try to follow Jesus and be guided by the Holy Spirit. They are peacemakers, not drama starters. They seek God’s heart and look for ways to minister to the needs in their communities. They strive to create a sense of unity, so the body of Christ can function as a whole. They encourage the gifts and the passions of others, wanting them to fully embrace their call to discipleship. They try to squash the issues that get in the way of the real purpose and focus–mission and ministry. They love God and their neighbors.

Though it’s unfortunate so many stumbling blocks are scattered throughout the universal church, we can appreciate this good news: just as many stepping stones make up the church. In fact, Christ as the cornerstone along with His brothers and sisters, the stepping stones, create the foundation that has held and will always hold up the church. Even more inspiring? All the stepping stones are also broken, sinful human beings. But God has made them (us) into new creations.

How can we be stepping stones instead of stumbling blocks?

Thanks for reading! If you are feeling anxious today, I recommend getting alone, closing your eyes, and lifting up prayers aloud. I guarantee it will help. 😉


10 responses to “Are We Stepping Stones Or Stumbling Blocks?”

  1. In answer to your question you have given us a good example to follow. Thank you for a relevant needed post.

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    1. Thanks so much for dropping by, sister!

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  2. Wanda Lancaster Avatar
    Wanda Lancaster

    As always you have hit the nail on the head. I could not help but evaluate my attitudes and actions after reading this post. My spirituality is not weighed by the attitudes and actions of others, but only by my own attitudes and actions and how I reflect these in my daily life! Awesome!

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    1. Thanks so much for your encouragement, Wanda! So true that it matters if we are reflecting Christlike attitudes and actions in our lives.


  3. mrsmariposa2014 Avatar

    Amen. This is so well said.

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  4. Praying I make good aim at being a stepping stone and not a stumbling block..I have the choice!!
    Good encouragement!!

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    1. Thank you, Alicia! 🙂

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  5. Great advice Lily! I do just that at least once every day. Most days more because I need the strength the love and closeness I feel when I Pray. Thank God that we have a loving just God.. Amen! May Gods will be done!


  6. I think control (power) is one of the dominant issues in humanity. Also, when you said, “…puts people above politics,” it reminded me of how many people, mostly in America, determine many decisions and judge people based on politics, especially nowadays. I’ve even been accused of only communicating with people with blue eyes by someone online (whom I’ve never met in person). (For the record, I communicate with an array of cultures.) I assumed they were watching too much television! Yes, I have blue eyes, but that doesn’t mean I’m left or right, believe one way (or the other), associate myself based on a list within each category of left or right. And, it certainly doesn’t mean I’ll communicate with certain cultures only based on superficial reasoning such as color (of any body part and other parts such as hair color). I was surprised by this behavior… I enjoyed your stepping stones vs stumbling blocks metaphor! It was very brilliant and very creative! 🙂


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